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JULY 10 - JULY 24
Teacher and Kids in Library
  • Please leave your materials in the designated area by the front entrance of the church (facing Valley Road near the Narthex). Leave them there at any time between 8am and noon, Monday through Friday.  (Please do not drop off materials after July 24.)

  • PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL MATERIALS ARE NEW. You may purchase any amount or combination of materials you like (a backpack + lots of supplies, supplies only + no backpack, a backpack alone…) 

  • Please leave all gathered materials loose and do not pack them into your backpack. 

  • MOST IMPORTANT: with your donation, please write 2-3 short handwritten notes for students who will receive your gifts. These notes will be included in the backpacks that are distributed to students. This is your opportunity to bless and encourage these students in the name of Jesus: include a prayer, a poem, a thought, whatever you like.


  • If you like, take a picture of your purchases and share on social media! 

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