Barbecue for Bristol


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One of the aims of Redemption Church of Bristol is to be, in Jesus’ words, good news to the poor.  They seek to be a community where neighbors in need can enter in and be welcomed, not as clients, but as brothers and sisters in Christ.  To this end, Redemption hosts open community meals throughout the summer where people of all walks of life can eat together, laugh together, and be family together.  Nothing helps solve poverty like community and nothing creates community quite like eating together.

Your donations will help make these open community meals possible! Here’s how it works:  


  • Barbecue for Bristol runs from Sunday July 4th to Sunday July 25th.

  • A list of desired donations is available below.  

  • Pick up whatever you’d like to give and drop it off at the church. You can leave it at the designated table in the narthex if the church is open, or drop it off in the plastic bins outside the front door between 9am-5 pm Monday through Friday.   

  • We’ll pass on our collected donations to Redemption Church when Pastor Gary Alloway comes here to preach on July 25th!  

List of Suggested Donations

Meal Supplies

Plates & Bowls


Plastic Silverware

Napkins & Paper Towels


Non-Perishable Foods

Canned soup

Pasta & Tomato sauce

Mac and Cheese


Chips & Crackers

Granola Bars

Black Beans & Kidney Beans

Chili powder

Canned corn (and other vegetables)

Diced tomatoes


Peanut butter

Peanuts/Mixed Nuts

Smores - Graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows

Ice pops


Pancake & Brownie mix




Coffee, powdered iced tea, bottled water, juice boxes


Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used for perishable food.

Our local grocery stores are: Giant, Aldi, and Walmart