Colorful Chalks

The JOY Project Challenge

Week 6: May 25-31




Get out your chalk and write messages of hope and love for everyone to see. Use the sidewalk, your driveway, walking trails, chalkboards in your yard, or even decorate your fence.  


Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures of your blessings!

Send pictures to

Student Writing

The JOY Project Challenge

Week 5: May 17-24


UPDATED from Sunday’s message:


We have decided to change up this week’s project from what you heard on Sunday, but it still has the same sentiment. It’s like Ding Dong Ditching, but with a twist!


Write a personal note, thinking creatively about how to bring joy to someone, maybe with a small token or gift. You can include something silly in your letter or maybe share a random fact that this person might not know about you. If you comfortable you can also share something that has been hard or maybe a prayer request that you have.  You can also include a photo of your family or pets.


After you have your letter or small bundle you can deliver it to someone’s front door or porch! This can be someone you know well from the church or someone you might have just been getting to know before we had to stay at home. We just ask you bless someone’s porch or front steps, and if you find that your porch has been blessed you can either return the blessing or pass it along to someone else.


Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures of your blessings!

Send pictures to

The JOY Project Challenge

Week 4: May 10 - 17


Our High School seniors are missing out on so many things that come with the end of their High School career. We want to spent this week honoring them and providing them with some joy as they move on from High School to whatever is next.


There will be 13 bins outside of the church. Each of them with a short bio about each senior. Those bios are also listed below to help you out with this weeks project. We want to fill these bins with things that they might need for the next steps in their lives. This can be something practical or creative and fun. There is a link below with a list of examples if you may need them.


The bins will be outside the church from Monday - Friday.

BUT WAIT. There is a PART 2 to this project.


On Sunday, May 17, we are asking the seniors to come pick their bins up between 1-2pm. We would LOVE to have you all come park in our parking lot to decorate your cars if you’d like and show some love and JOY to them as they come pick up their bins! We ask that you wear a mask if your windows are down and practice social distancing if you are participating in this.


We cannot wait to see your love and support to our seniors!


Don’t forget to take pictures so we can share in the joy with you.

Send pictures to


The JOY Project Challenge

Week 3: May 3 - 8


Personal, handwritten notes are an awesome way to let people know you care about them! It is so important to let others know we see them and know that they are appreciated for doing their jobs during this time.


We will be collecting 2 different kinds of notes this week: notes for pharmacy workers and notes for warehouse workers. (See templates below.) 


Notes for pharmacy workers: We will be delivering strings of these notes to local pharmacies at the end of the week to brighten up their work spaces and allow them to read some encouraging messages throughout the day. There are templates below. Feel free to do more than one! The more notes we get the more pharmacies we can bring JOY to!


Notes for warehouse workers: There are approximately 30-40 warehouse workers at the Chester County Food Bank and we would love to be able to flood them with letters at the end of this week. See templates below.


Feel free to decorate your notes any way you would like and drop them off at the church. There will be 2 envelopes labeled for you to put thank you notes in. We will also have some physical copies of templates at the church if you do not have a printer and need to pick some up!


Don’t forget to take pictures so we can share in the joy with you!

Send pictures to

Click a card to download.
Thank You Paoli Pharmacy.png
Thank You Paoli Pharmacy 2.png
Food Pantry Paoli 2.png

The JOY Project Challenge

Week 2: April 25 - May 2


This week we will be collecting some homemade love in the form of cookies for the staff at Paoli Hospital. There will be a bin outside the front doors of Paoli Presbyterian Church from Saturday, April 25 through Wednesday, April 29 from 9am-5pm. You can drop the cookies off anytime between those times. The cookies will be delivered to the hospital on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 29.


Special cooking/packing/delivery instructions:


Please wash your hands well before making cookies. If you have a mask, please wear one while baking. This helps keep germs out of the cookies (and reminds us to not lick the batter) and is a sign of solidarity as these hospital staff are wearing masks for 8-12 hours at a time.


Please place 2-3 cookies into individual bags. Label each small bag with what kind of cookies they are and/or if there are nuts, peanut butter, gluten free, etc. Place all your individual cookie bags into one larger bag with your name written on it. Place that bag into the bin at church.


Don’t forget to take pictures so we can share in the baking joy with you!

Send pictures to

The JOY Project Challenge

Week 1: April 19-25


"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” That’s how the saying goes. And apparently not a global pandemic either! 


Our postal workers are working hard, day in and out, to faithfully deliver our mail. Even at their own personal risk! So we want to thank them.


Sometime this week, find a way to (safely) bless and thank your mail-carrier.

Some ideas include…

  • Decorate your mailbox with balloons, streamers and a thank-you sign

  • Leave a (hygienically-collected) Care Package for them in your mailbox (water bottle, granola bar, hand-sanitizer)

  • Write them a Thank-You note

  • Give them a gift-card to a local restaurant

  • Your own creative idea here! 


Let’s make sure our postal workers know how much we appreciate them and do whatever we can to bring them JOY!

Send pictures to



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