It is our mission to help our children learn about Christ's love and about the joy of His forgiveness and salvation. We want our children to be able to build a personal relationship with Christ, to learn and understand His word, to grow in their faith as they take their spiritual walk, to build a community with our children and families as we grow and connect in Christ together, and to be able to spread the love of Christ

with others to help end relational poverty. 


It is also our goal to help provide opportunities for our families to connect, to provide opportunities for discussion, sessions, and resources to help nurture our children as they grow in faith. This way we can support each other as we raise our children

to know Christ's love.


Sunday school 9 - 10:15


  • Bible Story

  • Movement activity

  • Choir (see below)




  • During the church service (sermon only)

  • Ages: 4yo-5th grade


  • Offers a song on the second Sunday of every month

  • Participates in a Christmas Pageant and a Spring Pageant

  • Offers a song on Palm Sunday 

  • Occasionally combines with the Sanctuary Choir



The Christmas Pageant is a PPC tradition, where our children sing and act out the night of Jesus' birth. This year's pageant will be offered on Sunday, December 19th during both the 9am and the 10:30am services. In order to participate, children will need to be present during our Children's Choir time, as that is when rehearsals will take place. If you have any questions, please email Felicia Mulé at