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If you are new to Paoli Presbyterian Church, this is the best place for you to start learning about us. From this page you can get a sampling of all the wonderful things that are happening in this community of faith.


Christian Education


Transform Capital Campaign

PPC recently completed a $3 million project that included renovating our sanctuary, adding a much needed elevator, and enclosing a patio to form our new Gathering Space. During construction, we relocated our worship services to Forrester Hall (our gym) and moved to a single blended service. Remarkably, much of the fund-raising for this project was conducted during the COVID-19 quarantine era. About 97% of the project cost was covered by member pledges. 



Board of Deacons


Linda Hassett

Class of 2023

Marti Engle

Charlotte Fitzpatrick

Jill Gallagher

Tom Gallagher

Linda Hassett

Wendy Kelly

Paige Merten

Toni Perrone

Lois Wiggins

Class of 2024

Nancy Chace

Gail Infield

Ann Plambeck

Class of 2025

Linda S Clay

Nancy D’Angelo

Joy Dodge

Lee Guertin

Lori L Gordon

Tony LaRocca

Kelly Mowery

Mary Beth Siverling

Butch Stanton

Ruling Elders

Clerk of Session

Donna Russell

Class of 2023

Jim Burke

Scott Hatherill

Donna MacKinley

Jeff Rocke

Class of 2024

Kim Beggs

Kelly Farrell

Robin McConnell

Curt Siverling

Class of 2025

Kimberly MacDonald-Brown 

Rob Rinaldo

Betsy Sautter

Barry Webster



Our governance model is somewhat unique as compared to other congregations in PC(USA). In many churches the Session and its Committees hold the authority for all decisions. At Paoli Pres, our Session delegates most of the decision-making authority to the pastors, retaining predominantly strategic and oversight roles. This approach frees Session from most day-to-day decisions, allowing them to focus on our strategic direction. At the same time it gives our pastors latitude to make efficient operational decisions within the guidlines established by Session. The Finance & Stewardship Committee is the only Session committee, as our Personnel Team serves in a consulting role to the pastors.  

Growing Together

PPC’s Session and staff have launched an exciting initiative called Growing Together, which is being applied to all of our programming. Inspired by Fuller Youth Institute's video series based on the book Growing Young, the purpose and goal of Growing Together is to spark renewed engagement in the church by creating a culture that prioritizes and welcomes young people and builds bridges across the congregation to strengthen intergenerational relationships. There are four areas of focus proposed for consideration and action:

  1. Culture and Leadership

  2. Worship and Music

  3. Outreach and Visibility

  4. Programs, Activities and Events


Social Media

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