"I Believe" Class

The "I Believe" class is for anyone who is exploring making a commitment to Christianity. In particular, it is aimed at those who want to be baptized, or at those who have already been baptized but now would like to affirm their Christian faith for the very first time or after a season away from the church. We will introduce you to the basics of the Christian story, teach you about the meaning of baptism (and/or affirming your baptism), and help you reflect on where God has been present in your journey so far. This journey will culminate with public baptisms, and affirmation of baptisms, on "I Believe" Sunday, April 11.  


The course has four sessions, and will meet ONLINE on Sundays in February and March via Zoom. Details and links below.  


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Dates & Details

Sunday 2/21, 11am - 12pm: Grace, Baptism, and Faith. We will briefly review the Christian story and the Apostles’ Creed (creation, fall, redemption, consummation). Then we will share about the significance of baptism (and/or affirmation of baptism) in the Christian life. Join meeting on Zoom here.


Sunday 2/28, 11am - 12:30pm: Our stories (part 1). We will introduce the idea of telling our own stories with an eye toward seeing God’s grace at work, and share some examples of this sort of story-telling. We will conclude by beginning to work on our own "spiritual autobiography." Join meeting on Zoom here.


Sunday 3/14, 11am - 1pm. Our stories (part 2). Having had plenty of time to reflect, class members now share their own spiritual autobiographies, with time for prayer and discussion. Join meeting on Zoom here.


Sunday 3/28, 11 - 11:30am. Logistics. This brief class will walk through exactly what happens during the service of baptism and affirmation of baptism. Join meeting on Zoom here.


Sunday 4/11, "I Believe" Sunday. Baptisms and affirmations of baptism will take place today in person (weather permitting). 


Sunday 4/18, 11am - Noon (at longest): Looking back, looking forward. We will check in on Zoom with participants after "I Believe" Sunday and discuss what’s next in their spiritual lives, as well as offer tools for spiritual disciplines and Scripture study.  Join meeting on Zoom here.