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We’re living in the midst of a difficult season right now. That is true. And we don’t know when or how it will all come to an end. 

But what we do know is that the Lord is present. So even in the midst of the difficulty, we can and will experience Jesus’ JOY.  


We REALLY hope you’ll join us. AND as you do- that you’ll tell us about it! Share your stories, pictures, reflections- all of it.  


We want everyone to be seeking, finding and experiencing JOY

in this season of life. We can’t wait to see what happens. 



Connect with Jesus.

Use this devotional to connect with Jesus, using a different spiritual practice each week.



Serve Others:

Join with us weekly as our JOY Brigade leads us in our JOY Project challenges, bringing joy to others. 



Take care of Yourself.

Find one way each week that you can care for yourself - body, mind, and soul. Share the story with us!



Send YOUR Joy Project photos to and we'll put them here. 

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