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Paoli Presbyterian Church is working in partnership with Ebenezer Church, a small Christian fellowship in Belize City, to help shine the light of Jesus in an impoverished neighborhood called the Burial Grounds.  Introduced to Belize ministry by The Word at Work, a Texas-based organization, we have also developed other relationships in Belize, including with Marla's House of Hope, a home for displaced girls.

Each year for a half-dozen years, we have sent mission teams to work with our Belizean partners and learn about ministry opportunities. In 2016 and 2017, Paoli Presbyterian packed and sent 40-foot shipping containers with goods requested by our partners. Our Spring 2018 mission team is currently working to shape a new initiative with Ebenezer Church. 

If you're interested in joining the work in Belize...

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Paoli Presbyterian Church got involved with ministries in Egypt in the early 1990s when we sent a mission team to visit PCUSA (Presbyterian) missionaries working there. From that seed has grown a deep relationship with a Christian church in the Kolali neighborhood of Cairo. We have helped to fund medical, dental, and eye clinics at the church, which serve as a witness to the Gospel in a mostly Muslim community. 


We also support the Protestant seminary in Cairo, a home for girls, and a ministry that grows food for children with cancer. At least once each year, we send a mission team to Egypt.

If you're interested in joining the work in Egypt...


August and September 2017 brought a series of monster hurricanes to Texas and Florida, as well as Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean.  Paoli Presbyterian Church has responded to the historic devastation with dollars sent to partners in those areas, including World Vision and a Houston affiliate of Attack Poverty.


We have also joined with other churches in the Chester County area to send work teams (March, May and June 2018) to repair flooded homes in Houston.  More trips will continue to be planned as Houston's need for help will go on for years.

If you're interested in joining the work for hurricane relief...


There is no greater humanitarian crisis in the world today than the plight of 23.5 million refugees, mostly children, who have fled home and country because of war, ethnic strife, and famine.  According to the United Nations, more than 5 million Syrians have escaped to Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and elsewhere, many living in tent camps provided by relief agencies such as the Christian organization World Vision.  

For the past two years, Paoli Presbyterian Church has responded to the crisis by hosting a 5K Race to raise awareness and funds for World Vision's refugee work. This is a case of acting locally to have impact globally. In 2017 at the first 5K, more than 250 runners and walkers, plus 100 volunteers, helped raise $60,000 for this effort. All are welcome to participate.


This year's 5K will be Sept. 7.


There are many other ministries and missionaries whom Paoli Presbyterian Church either serves with occasionally or supports financially. Click here to see the list.

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