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     An ordained office, a Deacon is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example set by Jesus Christ. Our Deacons are a loving, caring group who enjoy working together in a common ministry. They will go the extra mile for church members, as well as members of our community. Deacons serve as their faith, time, talents, and hearts lead them. Each Deacon is connected with a Flock of congregation members. Members are encouraged to share concerns and joys with their Deacon so that prayers and the assistance of appropriate Care Teams can be initiated. 
     Our Deacon Care Teams include Bereavement, Extended Homebound Communion, Funeral Reception, Greeting cards, Life Transitions, Music Outreach, Post-/High School Outreach, and Homebound/Nursing home outreach. 
     Deacons serve for a term of three years, and may serve no more than six years consecutively. A Deacon not currently on the Board is still a Deacon.

The Current Board of Deacons:

Jen Baker, Meredith Boak, Joyce Cassel, Linda Clay, Nancy D'Angelo, Joy Dodge, Emily Evans, Charlotte Fitzpatrick, Jill Gallagher, Lori Gordon, Lee Guertin, Linda Hassett, Gail Infield, Wendy Kelly, Leslie Kingston, Tony LaRocca, Kelly Mowery, Jeff Palmer, Ann Plambeck, MaryBeth Siverling, Butch Stanton

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