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February is Black History Month

Many stations are showing wonderful programs:
National Geographic has been showing their Genius series telling the life stories of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. It’s very informative and well done, with great acting.

Stream on:

Disney, Hulu, Amazon, Sling, Fubo, YouTube, and Google.
Search- Genius: MLK/X

On June 18, 2022, two new interpretative wayside panels were unveiled at Valley Forge National Historical Park. These panels, and a nearby monument for Patriots of African Descent Monument, are the result of an amazing fund raising effort by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  Click here to watch a video about the powerful impact on African Americans to have their part in the founding of our nation be recognized — and to be able to claim Valley Forge Park as their park, too. 

Racial Justice video.png

Museum of the American Revolution – Special Exhibit 

February-November 2023
    Black Founders:  The Forten Family of Philadelphia

James Forten heard the words of the Declaration of Independence read aloud in Philadelphia in 1776 before setting sail to fight for independence in 1781. Born a free person of African descent, Forten built upon his coming-of-age in a revolutionary city and his wartime experience, becoming a successful businessman, philanthropist, and stalwart abolitionist. Using objects, documents, and immersive environments, the exhibit explores the Forten family’s roles in the Revolutionary War, business in Philadelphia, and abolition and voting rights from 1776 to 1876.

For more information about the exhibit, as well as related experiences and walking tours, see the museum’s website:

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All Hands In

Join a Racial Justice Group

You can learn more about the Racial Justice Task Group established by the Presbytery of Donegal, our regional judicatory body. 

Racial Justice in PC(USA)

Read a statement released by the Presbyterian Church (USA), our national denomination, affirming that 'Black Lives Matter.'

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