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Neurodivergent/Special Needs Worship



Paoli Presbyterian Church is hosting a sensory-friendly, neurodivergent-friendly worship experience on April 21st. As we plan this event, we want to ensure that we provide an appropriate space for those who wish to participate. We have professionals in the field helping to shape these activities. This event will be available for the whole family but will be centered around the needs of neurodivergent and special needs students (ages 6-21). We will have aids trained to be supports during the event, but please plan to stay present with your child during the entirety of the event. 


We will be running this event twice. The first block (1:00-2:00pm) will be for sensory sensitive students. The second block (2:30-3:30pm) will be for sensory seeking students. 


What to expect: 


7-10 minutes of collective gathering (some kind of opening worship, a prayer, a short reading of scripture).

Break out groups: (these are available for students and families to move around at their own pace- feel free to spend as much time as you need or don’t at each location)

  • Craft/ coloring space 

  • Music and Movement

  • Floor obstacle course 

  • Free play area / ball pit


Other helpful information: 


  • There will be snacks and gum available for students. We do have a water cooler but would encourage students and families to bring their own water bottles. 

  • We have a few extra noise canceling headphones, but if your student has their own they should bring them with them. 

  • We will also have extra fidgets available, but if your student has some that are most helpful to them we would encourage them to bring them. 

  • There will be limited screens so we ask that if your student can go without a screen for this event that they do so it will not be a distraction to others. We understand that some students will need screen during this time, also. 

Where to find us!

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Map of Activity Spaces

gym layout for special needs event.png

Email Maddie Ridgeway

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